Queen Beauty of Carmel

Carmelites, bear the name 'Brothers and Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary' and belong to a religious family dedicated to her love and service. This special bond with our Lady influences our whole way of life; it pervades our communities, nourishes our life of prayer and our ministry.

Devotion to Mary as Mother is a characteristic expression of Carmelite Spiritualty. Mary is also seen as Sister, sharing the journey of faith with us. To both are added the title of Beauty – the name Mount Carmel means: the garden of God – so that Mother and Beauty of Carmel is an honoured title among Carmelites.

Our Lady as portrayed in the Gospels, is thus put before us as the perfect embodiment of the ideal of our Order. Like her, we strive to treasure God’s word in our heart, pondering it in faith and thus, under her guidance, strive to share more fully in the mystery of Christ and his Church.