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Birth Name    John McSweeney
Religious Name       Reginald of the Queen of Carmel
Born    07.03.1926 at Ballymakera, Ireland                   
Profession    08.09.1945
Ordination    27.04.1952
Died    02.06.2010 in St Helena (in Nosoc)

Fr Reginald McSweeney aged 84 was born in Cork, Ireland.  After studies in Castlemartyr and St Mary’s Dublin (the Carmelite seminary) he got his licentiate in Theology in the Carmelite College in Rome.  With further studies at the Gregorian University in Rome, he was awarded a licentiate in sacred history.  He returned to Dublin and taught history.  Later he was a missionary in the Philippines and California.  A great community man he was elected Prior of almost every house to which he was assigned.  He was also Privincial Superior of the whole Anglo-Irish Province.  A born teacher, he could make the past come alive.  His classes on sacred scripture, church and Carmelite history were well attended and appreciated.  Someone described him as ‘a lovely man’ because he had the gift of friendship and hospitality and he was remembered affectionately in all the places where he had lived.